CILS-technicus (monteur)

Job description

The CILS technician performs all tasks necessary to keeping the availability of the applications according to the contractual limits. Besides that performs all types of tasks related to the preparation and execution of MCTC-supported exercises described in the contract.


  1. Perform all types of assigned tasks during all phases of the deployment of MCTC.


  1. Order spares to keep the stock of spares at the appropriate level.

Required skills

  1. Be confident with working with the office applications WORD, EXCEL. OUTLOOK and POWERPOINT.
  2. Be able to communicate in writing and speaking in the Dutch and English languages.
  3. In possession of a driver license up to the level required for driving all types of site cars.
  4. Beschikt over voldoende theoretische en praktische achtergrond om storingen in o.a. aggregaten te identificeren en eventueel te repareren.
  5. Have a valid soldering diploma.
  6. Good overall health.
  7. Social situation must permit being on duty abroad for an extended period of time (2-3 weeks) on a frequent annual basis.

Preferred skills

  1. Beheerst de Duitse en/of Engelse taal mondeling en schriftelijk.
  2. Having served in one of the branches of the armed forces.
  3. Have followed a recent training in first aid and/or handling of dangerous goods and/or fire fighting.
  4. Trained and licensed for specific skills (e.g. diesel technician, electrician).

Personal competences

  1. Must be able to operate as a part of a (small) team.
  2. Must be flexible to deal with rapid and / or unexpected changes.
  3. Must be able to pick up tasks / duties / responsibilities.

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